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Parc du Thot
Parc du Thot Fresque
Parc du Thot Loup
Thot Park
Interpretation centre for prehistory
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Thot Park

Interpretation centre for prehistory
The Thot offers an approach to cave art in introduction or as a complement to the Lascaux International Centre visit. During an unaccompanied visit of approximately one hour, come discover various spaces exploring the relationship between animals and man.

With the 3D animated film, revisit the climate cycles over 2 million years and their consequences for the evolution of humans and animals. You will understand why Cro-Magnon settled in Dordogne, leaving exceptional artistic vestiges such as the Lascaux cave. The time mirror, an augmented reality activity, provides a unique interactive experience to encounter animal species familiar to Cro-Magnon: mammoth, cave bear, spotted hyena, megaloceros…Discover the gestures and techniques of prehistoric artists in a museum display dedicated to their daily life. Using a completely new method of black lighting, the engravings in the Nave of Lascaux will be wonderfully revealed to you. To complete your visit, an animal park will allow you to compare the animals depicted at Lascaux with their live descendants: aurochs, deer, bison, Przewalski‘s horses… And last of all, test your knowledge with your family on your tablet with the interactive game “Questions for an ice cube”, centred on themes discovered during your visit. Available in 10 languages, this game attracted more than 40,000 players in 2015.

Le Thot also offers a large selection of participatory workshops for young and old: cave art, archaeological digs, introduction to flint knapping…

Dates and opening hours

Du 10/02 au 30/03 : 10h-17h30
Du 31/03 au 06/07 : 10h – 18h
Du 07/07 et du 31/08 : 10h – 19h30
Du 01/09 au 04/11 : 10h-18h
Du 05/11 au 31/12 : 10h-17h
Fermé du 06/01/2019 au 08/02/2019


  • Picnic area
  • Giftshop
  • Restaurant snack
  • Free parking
  • Toilets
  • Air conditioned
  • Animals not permitted
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Holiday cheques accepted
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Photos allowed
  • Partial access for persons with reduced mobility
* This route is provided for information. You may have to follow a different route because of works, traffic jam, weather conditions, diversions or other disturbances.

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