Welcome in Dordogne Périgord

Fascinated by prehistory, amateurs of architectural heritage, in search of authenticity, welcome in Dordogne Périgord, in the discovery of 20 Great Sites of Périgord …

Free or guided visits, playful and educational workshops for the children, varied animations … Our destination offers you magnificent memories between friends or in family …


Lascaux is revealing itself to you in this new setting in the international centre of parietal art: more than 8500 m2 of visiting space with a complete copy of Lascaux cave and six steps telling the journey of discovery, its place in the worldwide parietal art and its impact on modern creation. More: www.lascaux.fr


Thot Park

Thot park is essential to a Lascaux visit, and invites you to experience the discovery of the human/animal relationship in prehistoric times, and the discovery of Cro-Magnon man – hunter and experienced animal painter. Participate in pedagogical and gaming workshops with a team of passionate people as they bring you into the animal park with a new attraction for 2017: the return of the wolves! More: www.lascaux.fr


La Madeleine, a troglodytic village

On a winding road between Montignac-Lascaux and Les-Eyzies-de-Tayac, discover on the meander of the Vézère river an architectural gem; ‘la Madeleine’, a troglodytic village, situated halfway up the cliff, created by man and occupied since the Middle Ages untill the end of the 19th century. More: www.la-madeleine-perigord.com


Laugerie basse

Laugerie is at the foot of a cliff, dominating the Vézère Valley and its incredible landscape – a perfect setting for humans to live. The rockshelters of Laugerie basse have been occupied since the Magdalenian era and tools and decorated objects were found here. In this unique prehistoric site, a few yards from the Grand Roc cave, you can discover why and how men lived under these shelters, with the help of a tablet and a 3D film. More: www.semitour.com


Grand Roc Cave

Discover the thousand and one marvels of the Grand Roc cave. This truly natural masterpiece offers an abundance of crystallizations, famous for their diversity and wonderful transparency. 2 stars in the Guide Michelin. More: www.semitour.com


Tourtoirac Cave

Speleologists were amazed by this discovery in 1995. The cave is fully accessible for any kind of public and allows a one-hour visit along the underground river. Thanks to the LED, the visitor will enjoy an exceptional spectacle with shadows, lights, columns and wonderful concretions. More: www.grotte-de-tourtoirac.fr



This concept, unique in Europe, housed in Jean Nouvel’s audacious architectural style, Vesunna, reveals the Roman origins of a large Gallo-Roman dwelling, the Vesunna domus. An exceptional collection of archeological items complete with models and reproductions tells the story of this ancient town and the way of life of the inhabitants, the Petrocores. More: www.perigueux-vesunna.fr



Cadouin is a Cistercian abbey founded in 1115. Monastic activity came to an end in 1790. The cloister offers a rich architecture and testifies the power the abbey had recovered. It is a masterpiece of the flamboyant gothic art, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO and listed among the paths of Santiago de Compostela. More: www.semitour.com


Biron Castle

An outstanding architectural site (12th-18th C.) particularly attractive. A prestigious witness of the greatness and the power of the Gontaud-Biron family, owners of the castle for over eight hundred years. More: www.semitour.com


Gardens of Eyrignac

The Gardens of Eyrignac Manor are of outstanding beauty and unique in the originality of their design. They are known to be one of France’s most beautiful gardens. They are essentially leafy gardens, with hornbeams, yews and boxwood together with cypresses as a reminder of Italy. More: www.eyrignac.com


Castle and gardens of Losse

The castle overlooks the Vézère Valley. Within the Medieval stronghold discover the elegant architecture of the Renaissance hall, its fine décor and exceptional period furniture (16th & 17th). Take a leisurely walk in the delightful gardens that surround it and in the park along the river. More: www.chateaudelosse.com


The Castle of Fénelon

Situated in the valley of the Dordogne between Sarlat and Souillac, Fénelon, set in an unspoiled countryside above the village, is one of the most beautiful castles in the Périgord Noir. There is a fine collection of arms and armours, together with some beautiful furniture and art objects dating back from the 15th to the 18th centuries. More: www.chateau-fenelon.fr


The Castle of Puymartin

This castle overlooking the Beunes Valley, was built around 1270. Taken and destroyed during the 100 Years War, it was rebuilt and restored around 1450 by Count Henri de Montbron, the ancestor of the present owner. Puymartin has thus managed to retain family heirlooms. The odd “mythological room”, designed for meditation, arouses strange sensations in its visitors. More: www.chateau-puymartin.com


Castle and gardens of Milandes

Take a breath taking leap into the life and works of this stunning 15th century castle in the days of Josephine Baker. Follow the journey of the unique story told here as you wander the 15 rooms of a music-hall artiste, singer, member of the French resistance and mother. Stroll in the castle’s renaissance of the modern French garden. Enjoy a Bird of Prey display! More: www.milandes.com


The Castle of Commarque

Enter the heart of Commarque history with our guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, videos and games. Walk through this valley and discover a prehistoric cave, troglodytic rock shelters, tower houses, big ancient rooms of this medieval castle, its vertiginous dungeon, and an unforgettable panorama. More: www.commarque.com


Gardens of ‘Imaginaire’

Much more than just a Garden! Created by the American landscape designer Kathryn Gustafson, and unique in Europe, with terraces set in 6ha of shady woodlands high above the Vézère river. Come and be surprised on a walk through 13 natural landscapes exploring the universal art of the garden. An exceptional guided tour of a contemporary garden where the visitor finds all the invariants of the World. More: www.jardins-imaginaire.com


Castle of Bourdeilles

Former barony of the Périgord. Two castles of different periods built on a fortified bank: a medieval fortress (13th – 14th C.) and a Renaissance palace (16th) with finely decorated rooms (such as the “Salon Doré”). Furniture collections (15th -19th C.). More: www.semitour.com


The Castle of Monbazillac

Château de Monbazillac is listed as Historical Monument of the 16th century. From the vaulted cellars to the first floor bedrooms, nearly twenty furnished rooms to discover local and regional history. The vines surrounding Château de Monbazillac produce the property’s famous Monbazillac wine thanks to a generous soil and man’s passionate attention. Wine tasting is offered to visitors after the tour. More: chateau-monbazillac.com


The Castle of Bridoire

In the heart of the Monbazillac vineyard, Bridoire castle is not only furnished and inhabited but it is also a games castle: 100 games for adults and children, indoor or outdoor. Trying on armour, crossbow – catapult, chessboard, snakes and ladders, shadow theatre, parlour games, skill games. Come and spend a cultural and leisurely time with your family. Discover in the park of the castle, the labyrinth of the Mysterious valley. More: www.chateaudebridoire.com


The Castle of Beynac

Discovering the Castle of Beynac, it is coming into the medieval times and live the story of the most authentic fortified castle of Périgord. Its state of unbelievable conservation will make you live a unforgettable experience through Richard Cœur de Lion traces, Simon de Montfort and the hundred years war. Between sky and earth, from its tallest dungeon, the castle of Beynac will give you the most beautiful point of view on the Dordogne and the wonderful valley of the five castles. More: www.chateau-beynac.com